Over Half The Country Approves Of Biden In Survey Despite Donald’s Complaints


In some of the latest polling from Rasmussen Reports on the level of approval for Biden’s job performance among members of the general public, the president once again has the backing of a majority of respondents.

A full 51 percent expressed approval for his performance in office, while 48 percent shared disapproval. Approval is generally a measurement in polling only used for political figures currently in office. For those not in office, asked instead of respondents is whether they have a favorable or unfavorable view of the subject of the survey. In the Rasmussen numbers, which were dated May 8, those who specifically “strongly” disapproved of Biden did outnumber those who strongly approved, with 39 percent of the overall total strongly disapproving of the current president and 27 percent approving at the same intensity level. The remainder of the overall totals in both categories would’ve probably said they simply somewhat approved — or disapproved — of how Biden has conducted himself specifically regarding his role as president.

Other recent polling on this same question — of Biden’s approval — has found totals significantly different than those included in the Rasmussen results, putting disapproval of his job performance ahead of approval by margins well into the double-digits. Yet, these numbers from Rasmussen exemplify how it would be simply incorrect to stop with those other polls in conducting an assessment of the presidential field. Polling on the portions of the general population holding a favorable or unfavorable view of Trump has found results mostly similar to those in polls of Biden’s approval level. Recent surveys, depending on the source, have favorability of Trump mostly either single or double-digits behind the portions sharing an unfavorable perspective.

While Democrats may experience similar problems, polling has also found many Americans, whether or not they have a favorable view of former President Trump, don’t want him to run again. In a recent survey conducted as part of a partnership between the Associated Press and a surveying institution tied to the University of Chicago, 70 percent of respondents opposed the idea of Trump running again. At least Biden has something on which to run besides personal grievances!