Liz Cheney Helps Turn Americans Against Trump After Disastrous Town Hall


It seems Liz Cheney, the former GOP Congresswoman from Wyoming, was paying attention to Trump’s BS spewed during a Wednesday night special on CNN, which faced steep criticism for hosting the former president as though it would have gone substantially differently from the other times he has drummed up anti-media sentiment, lied about the basic reality in front of us, or harassed vulnerable people.

“On Jan 6, Donald Trump refused for over three hours to tell the violent mob to leave the Capitol, despite pleas from his White House staff, members of his family and many others,” Cheney argued Wednesday on Twitter. “No matter how many times he lies about this, the facts won’t change. He is unfit for any office.” It should not have been so difficult for Trump to muster some kind of opposition to the violent and openly murderous ransacking of the U.S. Capitol by a raging mob of partly armed individuals. Yet, for some time the violence just raged, as police officers were beaten while many in law enforcement, media, and government saw their lives threatened. Trump eventually had to be basically bullied into making any kind of substantial statement, it seems. Outtakes showing frustration from Trump as he taped remarks not long after the riot are among what’s circulated from investigations.

“Donald Trump gave no order to deploy the National Guard to protect the Capitol prior to or on Jan 6,” Cheney added, including a link to audio. “Listen to the testimony of his own secretary of defense. No matter how many times Trump lies about this the facts won’t change. He is unfit for any office.”

There’s an easy way to ascertain Trump never gave any such order, since it doesn’t seem any official would have been able to stop him from deploying at least members of the D.C. National Guard! Yet, he didn’t do so around the points he claims. No matter how he might want to garble the truth of what actually happened in his demented retellings, blaming Nancy Pelosi, Muriel Bowser, and what might as well be an alien overlord, that’s the truth. And with his incessant support expressed more recently for those who participated in the riot, his perspective is utterly obvious. He’s fine with murderous violence, even if he himself doesn’t perpetrate it and might sometimes try and pretend it was something else. When you back Trump, that’s what you’re supporting.