Over Half The Country Agrees Trump Should Be Charged After Attacking Election


Any narrative that Donald Trump is somehow the secret favorite of majorities of Americans or something is just incorrect.

In new poling released in partnership between ABC and The Washington Post, 56 percent of overall respondents supported the idea of the former president facing criminal charges in connection to investigations of attempts to overturn the outcome of the last presidential election. The overall group whose responses make up these poll results wasn’t overwhelmingly in favor of Biden, either, so it’s not simply something to do with a skewed sample. In the same poll, just 36 percent approved of the job Biden is doing in office! (Other polls have found substantially different levels of approval for Biden’s handling of his job responsibilities.) The same survey also found both Trump and Ron DeSantis leading Biden at the national level in potential match-ups in the general election in 2024, so again, it’s not simply that the poll was just assembled to reflect Democratic political leanings or something.

These are everyday Americans, many of whom don’t even like Biden — and over half said Trump should be charged in tandem with his attempts to subvert the 2020 presidential election. In one such investigation where the former president could face criminal allegations in connection to such matters, news could come soon. In Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has said she will announce decisions on charges this summer, giving law enforcement a window of from July 11 to September 1, which would be relevant for making effective security preparations accommodating potential protests that might emerge. Trump vastly misrepresented the progression of that probe after a special grand jury working on it finished its work, claiming what amounted to vindication because a final report didn’t mention him by name… though the report was only released in a limited version, excluding most of its contents from public view.