Over Half Of Key Swing-State Voters Reject GOP & Back More Abortion Protections


A poll of North Carolina residents has found more in favor of leaving current legal allowances in the state for abortion in place than those who support drawing back the limit for abortions, as recently approved by state legislators.

The initiative from Republican majorities in the state legislature would put the limit for abortions at 12 weeks, with select exceptions like cases involving rape, incest, or dangers to the health of the pregnant person — though there could still be dangers in some of these exceptions. What about forcing those who’ve been victims of sexual assault to rehash their experiences to obtain healthcare that until recently was more widely available? Such could inflict further trauma. In the North Carolina poll, 54 percent of overall respondents either somewhat or strongly opposed making the limit for abortion care 12 weeks instead of 20 weeks, and 40 percent somewhat or strongly supported the effort. North Carolina currently has a Democratic governor in Roy Cooper, but Republicans hold enough control in the legislature to override vetoes.

This poll was the work of Change Research and conducted earlier this month. On issues like abortion and access to guns, polls have consistently found Republican officials out of step with what citizens actually want. A survey done by YouGov for The Economist found 63 percent of overall survey participants at least somewhat in favor of a ban on assault rifles. Compare that to the stance seen from so many Republican officials, where you might as well ask them to support nuking the sun itself.