Jamie Raskin Torpedoes House GOP’s Sham Investigation Of Biden Family Finances


Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have been conducting what they’re characterizing as an investigation that could turn up damning information on financial corruption involving Joe Biden. The basic reality is that the probe is a dud, and the clownish GOP’ers propagating its lies are relying on ludicrously flimsy evidence in trying to make some kind of political point.

Led by Maryland’s Jamie Raskin, Democrats on the panel, who presently are in the minority after GOP victories in the midterms, have recently circulated a memo outlining some of the glaring gaps in the Republican case. In short, much of that case relies on materials known as Suspicious Activity Reports, or SARs, which are produced by financial institutions in response to (obviously) some activity deemed suspicious. The problem is that the existence of these documents in no way proves any kind of actual malfeasance. They’re basically just generally required tips for the federal government’s usage, and that’s it. Yet, if you consult comments from leading Republicans on their probe, they seem to very consistently reference these documents as an authoritative guide, which is bogus.

The existence of the reports is not indicative of anything! Explanations accompanying some of the documents included that the institutions were flagging the transactions in question because of reports in the media and Congressional Republicans’ own work! That means there was a throughline established of Republicans creating flimsy arguments against the Bidens, institutions using these claims as the basis for reports, and then Republicans using those reports to support more hollow nonsense!

“By promoting conspiracy theories and claims against Hunter Biden, Republicans have fueled negative reporting upon which financial institutions have then relied to inform the filing of SARs,” Democrats said. “In turn, Committee Republicans are using these SARs as the basis to make additional novel and unfounded claims for media consumption.” Democrats also made clear that there’s just no evidence here directly and relevantly tying Biden to business transactions or, more specifically, financial arrangements that produced some kind of policy move when Biden has been in office. “However, none of the SARs reviewed by Committee staff allege, or even suggest, any potential misconduct by President Biden, nor do they show President Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s financial or business relationships,” the memo from Democratic staff further explained.

Democrats cited the testimony of an individual named Eric Schwerin, who’s worked with the Biden family throughout the years. Democrats also pointed out the apparent lack of Republican interest in seriously investigating actual financial entanglements involving the Trump family. Read more at this link.