Leading Democrat Shuts Down House Republicans’ Lies About The Southern Border


Republicans continue to seemingly try and exploit recent occurrences at and around the southern border for their political advantage, turning, for instance, successful apprehensions of wanted individuals and seizures of restricted and dangerous substances into a bludgeon against the Biden administration.

You can’t complain about law enforcement authorities who are responsible for border issues fundamentally just doing their job and claim the border is “open,” as some Republicans like to do! That makes no sense. If agents took someone into custody, trying to use that as fuel for the argument there is essentially an unmitigated crisis involving dangerous people pouring into the United States does not make logical sense. Are they apprehending people or not? Didn’t Republicans like law enforcement?

“The proper response to this news is to thank the @CBP and the @FBI for keeping us safe. So, thank you!” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) recently posted on Twitter in response to news of the apprehension of somebody allegedly on a terror watchlist. “But my MAGA colleagues are using it to bash the President. I don’t get it. Would they have preferred for the terrorist to not have been caught?”

Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) has made basically this same point about fentanyl, a dangerous drug that traces in part to smuggling over the southern border. “For me, as a mom, that is a sign of success,” Porter said at a hearing in February, discussing the seizure rates. “I don’t want that fentanyl in this country. It is dangerous, and it kills people, and it makes our communities dangerous. And to me, this is a sign that our Border Patrol and our agents at our ports of entry… are doing their jobs. What I find interesting is, despite success here, what we’re hearing is an effort to characterize seizures as failures.”