Jamie Raskin Reveals The Truth Of Jared Kushner’s Saudi Billions


In responding to a trumped up investigation of the Biden family for imaginary financial corruption, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) is calling observers’ attention to the real-world issues of corruption surrounding the Trump family.

“Unable to implicate the President directly, Committee Republicans have resorted to using cherry-picked bank records, misrepresentations about confidential and unverified bank reports known as SARs, and baseless conspiracy theories to attack the President’s family, including his grandchildren,” Raskin said in prepared remarks. “As Republicans use their oversight powers to advance this tiresome and aging smear campaign, they refuse to honor their public commitment to investigate former President Trump and former senior White House advisor, Jared Kushner, their hundreds of LLCs, and the billions of dollars they collected directly from autocratic and corrupt foreign governments. If they’re in search of presidential corruption by foreign powers, the undisputed champion is their own guy.”

An investment operation founded by Kushner, who is Donald’s son-in-law, after leaving government service has reportedly received billions of dollars in support from a Saudi Arabian fund led by that country’s infamous Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman — and money from that same fund has seemingly also gone to the Trump family’s own business, meaning the Trump Organization, in connection to multiple events for a league called LIV Golf that have been held at properties tracing back to the former president. And those details don’t even cover the problems like the foreign government money provided to the Trump business through patronage of its now defunct D.C. hotel — or potential concerns about government money going to the Trump business because of charges associated with Secret Service protection for the ex-president, trips he took in office, and anything similar. Where is the Republican outrage?