Daughter Of Martin Luther King, Jr. Pushes For Action On Assault Rifles After Mass Shootings


Bernice King, a daughter of the late civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is among those remaining involved in the fight for solutions to gun violence in the United States that are just common sense.

She recently replied to a post from actor Mario Lopez that essentially argued guns weren’t the main issue in high-profile problems the United States has recently faced. The comments that Lopez shared compared the Biblical story of Cain killing Abel to the story in the same text of David killing Goliath. As the traditional account goes, the latter incident was a victory for essentially the downtrodden. “It’s not about the rock,” Lopez’s post said.

“It’s really shameful to use long-ago Bible stories to justify 2023 inaction on gun control,” King posted in reply. “Because assault by “a rock” didn’t leave children in Uvalde unrecognizable and elderly people in Buffalo slaughtered in a grocery store.”

She is obviously exactly correct. Democrats around the country have continued their push for gun safety measures, and success stories on that front are continuing. Multiple Midwestern states, including Minnesota and Michigan, have now seen red flag laws signed into existence, which are legal frameworks under which concerned third parties can pursue temporary restrictions from the courts on access to firearms for an individual suspected of danger to themselves or others. Those same two states have also seen universal background checks for gun purchases signed into law, and multiple states — Illinois and Washington — have also recently or semi-recently enacted bans on assault rifles. The U.S. Supreme Court recently allowed the Illinois ban to remain active while legal challenges move forward.

Even in Texas, a state legislative committee voted — with GOP support! — to advance a measure that would raise the minimum age for buying many weapons known as long guns, which are often used in mass shootings like the elementary school attack last year in Uvalde.