Hillary Clinton Returns To Unite Americans To Overcome House GOP’s Obstruction


In a statement recently posted to Twitter, longtime political figure Hillary Clinton joined those expressing serious concerns about the approach seen from the Republican majority in the House to the debt ceiling, which is a measurement that refers to economic actions the government can take to deal with expenses to which officials already agreed.

That list includes military salaries, benefit payments as part of Medicare and Social Security, and more, like financial services costs associated with debts already incurred. Failing to raise the debt ceiling, as is needed, could send rippling shock waves through the domestic and global economies, and Republicans, whose participation as the majority party in the House is generally needed, have stuck with a plan that would raise the debt ceiling — and impose drastic spending cuts. Democrats have circulated a claim that accommodating the Republican ambitions would require slashes to funding for many federal government operations of 22 percent, threatening veterans’ benefits, assistance for low-income Americans, safety operations around the nation’s infrastructure, and Lord knows what else.

“Let’s be clear: Extreme MAGA Republicans are refusing to pay America’s bills,” Clinton said, referring to past costs including expenses that were incurred when Donald Trump was in the White House, during which time the federal debt massively grew. “And they’re threatening default in the hopes of achieving cuts to critical programs that they could never get through the normal democratic process. It’s economic hostage-taking.”

Democrats have sought to raise the debt ceiling without other legislative priorities attached. Kevin McCarthy, the current Speaker of the House and effectively the top Republican in that chamber, has recently been conducting negotiations with President Joe Biden, though McCarthy is largely sticking to his past agenda. He posted comments of his in favor of work requirements for certain federal benefit programs as recently as early Tuesday. He claimed the requirements they’re seeking would only apply to people who are able-bodied and have no dependents. It’s unclear, though, that there’s some kind of epidemic of Americans on government assistance who fit into those categories just sitting at home and doing nothing.