Joe Biden Humiliates Loser Ron DeSantis After His Campaign Launch Flops


To the surprise of few, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis is officially running for president. He would have to defeat Donald Trump before challenging Joe Biden in next year’s general election, though, and Trump’s vast base of support among Republicans suggests DeSantis will have a difficult time.

Biden and his team were already paying attention. In a Twitter post that metrics on the site claimed had already been viewed 10.8 million times by the next morning, Biden’s personal account shared a link to a donation page for the incumbent’s re-election campaign with the caption: “This link works.” DeSantis had planned to formally launch his bid for the presidency with an audio conversation hosted via Twitter’s onsite capabilities alongside the site’s owner, billionaire public menace Elon Musk. The problem was that the system kept encountering major technical difficulties, which is not a great start to an attempt to — eventually — nab control of the White House, especially when it’s already trendy online to mock DeSantis over personal gaffes.

DeSantis later went on Fox. Shortly after the initial kerfuffle with the Twitter conversation, Biden’s personal account shared another jab at DeSantis. This time, it was a video. Onscreen, the question is asked in a caption: “How do you feel about your extreme abortion ban?” Audio then plays of DeSantis expressing his avowed support for the initiative, which clawed back access to the procedure in the major southern state to before six weeks of pregnancy. After also highlighting past support from Ron for the idea of cuts to Social Security and Medicare, the question is then asked in a caption: “Can you launch a presidential campaign?” The video then features a clip of DeSantis calling himself not a candidate followed by footage of him laughing, satirizing what went down Wednesday.

DeSantis has helped lead the GOP charge against so-called woke ideology, but it remains to be seen whether necessary majorities of American voters care about these battles, many of which completely ignore the actual, real-world problems people in this country are facing, like in financial stability, health care costs, housing availability, and the like. Check out Biden’s Twitter posts targeting DeSantis below:

Image: Gage Skidmore/ Creative Commons