Major Advertiser Boycott Of Fox News Sought By Advocacy Organization


Dr. Pepper, the popular soft drink, is evidently advertised on the leading right-wing media giant Fox News — and The Lincoln Project wants that relationship to end, considering the damaging effect of Fox’s involvement in the national political discourse.

The Lincoln Project is a now long-running conservative organization that opposes Trump and candidates and causes associated with him and his brand of politics. “@drpepper, your motto is “Drink Well. Do Good.” Your goal is to “make a positive impact with every drink,”” The Lincoln Project said in a recent statement posted to social media. “Yet you advertise on @FoxNews, a network committed to telling lies and degrading our public discourse. It’s time for you to live up to your promise and drop Fox. #WeSeeYou.” Presumably, what The Lincoln Project imagines would see Dr. Pepper indefinitely removed from the advertising lineup on Fox.

Fox has taken a series of high-profile hits in recent years, including with the recent settlement deal in a defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems that set up a payment of over three-quarters of a billion dollars to the company, which is behind technology used in elections. Dominion somehow became a key figure in conspiracy theories from Trump supporters about what took place during the 2020 presidential race, and those false claims, which led even to threats to the safety and lives of the company’s staff, were propagated in part on Fox to viewers nationwide.

Fox also continues facing a similar lawsuit from Smartmatic, a business that operates in a space similar to Dominion and was also named in false conspiracy theories, including claims that falsely tied the two companies in some kind of nonexistent business relationship. They’re actually competitors. Longtime host Tucker Carlson, of course, was also recently booted from the network. He’s apparently now planning to do some kind of show hosted online.