Trump Insults Dead Ukrainians In Empty-Headed Message About Global Affairs


Donald Trump doesn’t — and probably never will — have a firm grasp on reality.

In a message that he posted Tuesday on Truth Social, which is his knock-off social media site, Trump asserted he could have stopped the war Russian troops have been waging against Ukraine if he was still in office. Seeing as his so far single term was largely defined by undercutting even U.S. relationships with its allies, not to mention the failures to see any big movements in circumstances around national adversaries like North Korea, Donald’s comments are utterly ridiculous and could easily be described as an insult to the deceased Ukrainians whose fates he is trying to use to boost himself online.

“If I were President, the Russia/Ukraine catastrophe would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED,” Trump claimed Tuesday. “All of those tens of thousands of people who died would be alive and well today…And on this, almost everyone, including Democrats, agree!” It is not factual that there is wide agreement about Trump’s claims he could have somehow stopped the current war between Russia and Ukraine from even happening.

He himself has claimed at a rally that he asserted when still in office to another world leader that the U.S. wouldn’t even help if that country was invaded by Russia but they had supposedly unmet spending obligations associated with NATO. The agreements under NATO for mutual defense among its member countries are not supposed to be optional, but in that possible scenario, Trump was ready to explicitly allow a no doubt devastating Russian invasion. It’s difficult to imagine Donald would have somehow mustered the humanitarian concern or policy know-how to change the course of what Ukrainians have experienced. One of his big ideas in foreign policy was the pipe dream to have Mexico pay for a wall along the southern border of the United States, remember? He has essentially no idea what he’s talking about.