Trump Facing Possible Racketeering Charges As Georgia Criminal Probe Expands


It might not be very long before the country sees a more definitive outcome from the criminal investigation in Georgia by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis into attempts after the last presidential election to meddle with its results on Trump’s behalf. She has made indications of a major decision publicly emerging around the first weeks of August.

In the meantime, a new report from The Washington Post says that Willis has recently pursued information from two companies who were tasked by the Trump team after the last presidential election ended to search for evidence of election fraud — which they, of course, didn’t find. The results eventually made available from these firms’ efforts are among many pieces of evidence showing how Trump and individuals around him were made aware of the actual integrity of the 2020 presidential election, despite their committed efforts to overturn it, which potentially adds provable foreknowledge to their possible violations of election-related laws.

The two companies were Simpatico Software Systems and Berkeley Research Group, and recently, Willis’s team “has asked both firms for information — not only about Georgia, but about other states as well,” the Post said. The newspaper published a lengthy analysis of the potential usage of laws against racketeering in a possible prosecution of Trump arising from Willis’s investigation, and in building just such a case, activities that happened outside the state where the case is brought can prove relevant. Willis herself has already pointed to laws against racketeering, which broadly protect against criminal conspiracies, as among her areas of interest, though multiple specific crimes would have to be shown.

In theory, that list could include something like making a false statement in official settings and whatever violation of government records laws might be shown from the infamous attempts to assemble essentially faked slates of electors for Donald.

It is feasible that Trump could soon see multiple new criminal cases, since conversation around the federal probe into the handling of classified documents held with him after he left the presidency has recently turned towards it evidently nearing its end, with major charging decisions possible soon.