Marjorie Greene Seems To Think The Government Is Secretly Creating Racism


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) sounds like she thinks racism is, uh, over.

It is unfortunate that her nonsense remains relevant, but in the world of the present-day Republican Party, she continues to hold sway. It’s not that difficult to imagine her at least making a run for a higher office, considering the deference she continues to enjoy from others in the party and the support she has among certain groups of evidently extremism-inclined Republicans.

She was responding on Twitter this weekend to coverage on the platform of a white supremacist group that gathered in a Texas community to stage a demonstration, and while so doing, Greene accused the federal government of at least potentially creating racism. Imagine living disconnected from reality to that extreme. “I want an investigation into who these people are,” she wrote. “This group, just like the Patriot Front group that marches in DC, looks like a fed operation trying to create racism, white supremacy, and racial division where none exist. Take your masks off you cowards.”

“We had the civil rights era, desegregation of schools, and Americans worked very hard to end racism,” she continued. “And now it looks like the federal government is trying to create racism and white supremacists groups.” Does she have… any understanding of American history and society? Like, at all? If Greene thinks racism ended, or at least almost entirely ended, how ignorant really is she?

Allegations of secret incitement and/or participation by federally tied persons have also circulated in connection to the Capitol riot, including around a man named Ray Epps, who was really just a semi-random Trump supporter. Yet, at some of the highest levels of conservative commentary, the idea of an at least possible tie has spread, as though many other people weren’t also encouraging the idea of directly approaching and even entering the Capitol building and as though many other people didn’t have much more active and obvious roles in actually inciting violence that was seen. Are the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers just secret feds too? None of this holds up.