‘FIGHT!’: Trump Suffers Tuesday Tantrum As His 2024 Election Prospects Sink


Donald Trump is furious at what is seemingly a very clear possibility that he soon faces criminal charges in the federal investigation into his handling of classified documents from his time in office.

His legal team even showed up at the federal Justice Department on Monday, assumedly pretty nervous about the clear signs suggesting charges for their client could come soon. A federal judge even already concluded there was sufficient evidence to suggest Trump had knowingly misled his lawyers — meaning committed evident obstruction — and knowingly harbored classified materials, effectively contravening the basic federal standards for handling those files. And now, Trump’s evidently suspected of showing off the files to third parties, which could significantly expand his exposure under the law, and he was caught on tape reportedly admitting to having harbored a classified document — the status of which he acknowledged.

“It’s all about ELECTION INTERFERENCE,” Trump claimed in Tuesday rants. “They don’t want to run against me. I ran twice, I did much better the second time, getting millions and millions more votes than the first, a record for a sitting President, and am leading Biden in the polls, by a lot. They are the Party of Disinformation! They are using the DOJ & FBI against me to Rigg the 2024 Election. They’ll hit Hunter with something small to make their strike on me look “fair.” Nothing about these Fascists is fair or honest. FIGHT!” The clown sounds possibly interested in seeing potential violence again.

Trump is not leading Biden in 2024 surveys at the level he claims. His claim is simply false. In actuality, the candidate leading in a given poll basically switches back and forth from pollster to pollster and survey to survey, essentially mirroring the way the race looked before Biden roundly defeated Trump across the country in the 2020 race.