Marjorie Greene Disgraces Herself After Biden Dirt Attempt Falls Utterly Flat


On Thursday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) was able to read — without taking a copy — a document held by the FBI that alleges a bribery scheme involving Joe Biden from his time as vice president alongside Barack Obama.

Greene subsequently spoke about what she read and shared a clip of her remarks on her personal Twitter account. Nowhere in those remarks did she provide any piece of evidence that Joe was party to any financial kickback whatsoever. She instead spoke in general terms about the supposed prevalence of paying bribes in the business culture around Burisma, an energy company claimed to be involved in the scheme where Joe’s son Hunter has done some work. Making general observations is a laughably ridiculous replacement for actual evidence, though. She spoke so confidently of these supposed records showing bribery payments that were made… even though there’s no apparent indication she actually saw any such record.

“If you’re in an industry where you have to pay bribes to get your business deals done, then you always want to keep a record and keep proof of your bribes, because that’s how you make sure you get people to follow through,” Greene claimed Thursday. “What I read today is, again, shocking.”

A source for Fox News stated that the document that Greene actually did read makes no direct accusation of Joe Biden having received any payment. “To be clear, the document does not say Joe Biden received any payments,” the source said, according to Chad Pergram, who is the senior Congressional correspondent for Fox News, a conservative network.

The alleged scheme involves help apparently sought from Hunter Biden — who, to be clear, holds no official government role and doesn’t seem to be interested in obtaining such a position, making problems involving him much less relevant in this context than those ensnaring members of the Trump family who’ve actually been politically active. Republicans have returned yet again to the baseless idea Joe Biden clamored against a Ukrainian prosecutor while in office to help protect Hunter, though opposition to that official — on the grounds of not going far enough to solve corruption problems — was actually widespread!