Ron DeSantis (Hopefully) Sent Packing As Even Republicans Sour On Him Nationally In New Data


According to data on this question from the political organization Civiqs, the share of the public with a positive view of Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis has dropped dramatically since the beginning of this year, leaving disapproval ahead of approval by 16 percentage points more than it was on January 1.

The polling was conducted nationally, which DeSantis has made particularly relevant with a recently confirmed run for the 2024 Republican nomination for president. On January 1, Civiqs recorded 48 percent of the public expressing an unfavorable view of DeSantis and 45 percent a favorable perspective. Now, the share with an unfavorable view has risen to 55 percent, and those with a favorable perspective are down to just 36 percent of the total. That’s barely one-third of Americans, making any insinuation or claim from the Florida governor or close allies of his that he is well-positioned to better represent the interests of Americans at large just ridiculous. Most Americans aren’t fans of Ron!

Even among just Republicans, the portion expressing a favorable view of the infamous Florida governor has dropped by 13 percent from January 1 to some of the most recent data, though it’s still pretty high.

In Florida, DeSantis has recently been facing intense opposition over a bill he recently signed into law that targets undocumented immigrants throughout Florida, making it more difficult for these individuals to access basic services like transportation and work. There have been emerging anecdotes of people leaving the state as they face threats like potential criminal consequences for simply giving an undocumented person a ride if that transportation was provided without accompanying “inspection” from governing authorities, as referenced in media reports — however that concept might be actually defined. DeSantis’s law also requires many employers to run prospective hires’ info through a federal system for verifying eligibility for employment called E-Verify, with potentially serious penalties up to temporary or more extended losses of the ability to do business for not complying with the rules.