DeSantis’s Big Push Backfires As Disney Flies Past Him In Public Surveys


A polling organization called Navigator Research has found Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis falling dramatically per yet another metric.

In their nationwide polling, the portion of the public expressing a favorable view of DeSantis was larger than the portion sharing an unfavorable perspective in November of last year. Now? The bloc backing DeSantis on this question is substantially outnumbered by those with an unfavorable perspective. A full 48 percent shared such a dismal view in the early June numbers, while only 32 percent expressed a positive take. And to make matters worse for Ron, Disney — the corporate entertainment giant against whom DeSantis has made a stand — far, far outpaces him and has seen no hit to their standing since 2022.

In May of last year, those with a favorable view outnumbered those who’d soured on Disney by 32 percent. Now? It’s 31 percent, meaning it’s barely moved throughout the year. Well over 60 percent of overall respondents shared a positive view of the company, and even with Republicans, the portion sharing a favorable perspective hit 42 percent. Black, Hispanic, white, and AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) respondents all had majorities who favored the ever-present company.

DeSantis, meanwhile, is waging what may soon turn out to conclusively be a pathetically unsuccessful campaign for the Republican presidential nomination for 2024, evidently not really buoyed by comments like suggesting he’d build a new state prison near Disney’s Orlando-area theme park, which is known as, you know, a place kids like to visit. His fury largely originates with the company’s understated opposition to his attempts to drastically restrict discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools. Those efforts have expanded, with a formal legislative extension of the bans and state-level administrative action that furthered the bans to cover all grades before college throughout Florida public schools.