Ron DeSantis’s 2024 Campaign On The Ropes As Near-Majority Rejects Him


According to a variety of available metrics, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t look like he’s getting particularly close to the White House, though he is currently running for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2024 race.

Recent polling that was released by NBC News shows nearly three-fourths of Americans essentially passing on the governor when asked whether their opinion of him was favorable or, well, not. In the June 2023 numbers, only 30 percent overall said they had either a very or somewhat positive view of the governor, and a full 37 percent overall said they had a very negative view — meaning those with a very negative take on DeSantis outnumbered the entirety of those who had any level of positive perspective on the wannabe president. An additional nine percent overall said they had a somewhat negative view of the governor, meaning most of those who dislike him really don’t like him — and that those with a negative perspective almost reach a majority.

Most Americans at this point have heard of DeSantis, as the total who said they either didn’t know the name or were unsure was at a little above 10 percent. It remains the case that no other contender in the 2024 GOP primary is coming anywhere close to Trump, though a long list have for some reason announced campaigns. Candidates include Mike Pence, the former vice president who served alongside Trump and was targeted by both the then-president and his angry mob on January 6 as the second-in-command resisted Trump’s desperate pleas to take action to upend Biden’s 2020 election win.

In the NBC polling, one-fourth of respondents said they were neutral on Pence, which isn’t a stupendous sign for a campaign, considering many people who’ve heard of him didn’t even care enough to have an opinion. Only 20 percent were positive on Pence. On the question in this same polling of which candidate that Republican primary voters would support, Trump was the first choice of a slim majority, with 51 percent. DeSantis had 22 percent, and nobody else reached double digits. Read more at this link.