Large Portion Of America Says Trump Should Be Charged Over January 6


In recent polling completed by YouGov in association with The Economist that was finished on August 8, nearly half the country said they believe that former President Donald Trump should be criminally charged in connection to the events of January 6, 2021.

Trump’s most recent indictment from Special Counsel Jack Smith at the federal Justice Department is broadly related to that day, but it’s not confined to it. Rather, the criminal charges cover Trump’s broader and allegedly criminal conspiracies to have another four years in office despite his documented loss to Joe Biden. Trump, though, has also been tied — including by participants in the assault themselves — to the violence seen in and around the Capitol on January 6, and the polling question specifically related to those events — though the Capitol violence is mostly outside Smith’s investigative purview, instead falling to the local U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C.

Among registered voters, 47 percent said Trump should be charged with a crime for January 6, while 43 percent disagreed. Those unsure were at one-tenth of the total. Among independents, those saying Trump should be charged in this matter also outnumbered those saying the opposite, as was also the case among those identified as moderate (and not liberal or conservative) in terms of political ideology.

Separately, many Americans also support the criminal charges that Trump is already facing. The same polling data showed 51 percent of registered voters approving of the most recent indictment of Trump from Smith, which includes charges like conspiracy to defraud the United States. Though the Republican presidential primary remains ongoing, Trump’s expanding roster of criminal cases hasn’t shaken off his base of support, and he still holds a majority in most polling from the race, in which a debate will be held this month. Trump has made indications he won’t show. His closest competitors are in the range of 14 percent of the national total or below.