Democrats Unseat Election Conspiracy Theorist In County That Trump Massively Won In 2020


In the Iowa jurisdiction Warren County, which former President Donald Trump won by a massive margin in 2020, local voters have ousted the Republican Party-supported county auditor David Whipple, who had faced criticism for having spread conspiracy theories online. He sparked outrage to the point signatures were collected in support of a special election. Whipple is being replaced by Democrat Kimberly Sheets, who previously worked in the office and was a deputy on Whipple’s office’s team previously.

The role for which Whipple and Sheets were vying includes control over the handling of local elections, and Whipple’s past statements that drew the concern included evident conspiracy theories about the 2020 race, which Trump supporters in positions of power elsewhere have used as a background for sometimes allegedly criminal ends involving attempts to capture insider information on the elections systems. A computer system breach in Coffee County, Georgia, along similar lines is among the incidents underlying the criminal case recently brought in that state against former President Donald Trump and 18 others, while similar circumstances of attempts at a breach were infamously seen in Colorado.

In the Iowa contest, Sheets managed to nab 66.5 percent of the vote, reports said. This outcome adds to the circumstances undercutting any assertion of a “red wave,” meaning a massive surge of support for Republicans heading into next year’s many elections. Trump is, relatedly, not leading in the general election polls for the 2024 contest to the extent that he claims! And in the meantime, others in Trump’s corner are also struggling in the data. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) recently faced polling that showed her actually losing to Democrat Adam Frisch by two percent. Frisch is currently waging a primary campaign to replace her after he finished within mere hundreds of votes as the Democratic nominee in last year’s midterm elections.