Top Georgia Republican Rips To Shreds MAGA’s Idea To Defund Fani Willis


Jon Burns, a Republican state legislator in Georgia currently serving as the Speaker of the state House, recently tore into the idea that has been pushed by some in Trump’s corner of targeting Fani Willis, the district attorney in the state’s Fulton County who brought the recent criminal case against Trump and 18 others alleging a vast conspiracy.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has been among those supporting the idea of going after Willis, while in the actual state government, the idea has been largely helmed by state Sen. Colton Moore, another Republican. Moore wants to take funding from Willis, furthering the far-right iteration of the “defund the police” idea about which this same crowd was so furious when it emerged from certain voices on the opposite end of the ideological spectrum. Burns says this concept is simply unrealistic, besides the questions it raises about the separation of powers — and expected impacts on tackling other crime in Fulton County, which is in the Atlanta area. (Atlanta stretches across multiple Georgia counties.)

Burns argued that, because funding is not distributed from the state for local district attorneys on a strictly office-by-office basis and instead is provided per broad formulas for allocation, targeting funding for Willis would require undercutting funding for district attorneys and assistant district attorneys across the entire state of Georgia. “Targeting one specific DA in this manner certainly flaunts the idea of separation of powers, if not outright violates it,” Burns continued, adding: “We trust that our criminal justice system will deal with this matter impartially and fairly, and we will not improperly intercede in this matter in direct contradiction to the oaths we took.”

Burns was writing specifically to fellow Republicans, and his remarks were shared more broadly by sources including Georgia journalist Greg Bluestein. Moore is using his advocacy against Willis to raise money. “Donate to help me keep up the pressure,” he encouraged in a recent post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.