GOP’s Mike Johnson Hit With Ethics Complaint & Accused Of Lawbreaking


A group called End Citizens United is asking in a new ethics complaint for an investigation of House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) over what they say are massive problems with the personal financial disclosures that he has filed in association with his time in Congress. The complaint seeks action by the federal entity called the Office of Congressional Ethics.

It was already widely shared that Johnson hadn’t been reporting a personal bank account, but the evident issues as identified by this organization extend from there. Johnson also appeared to not report multiple trips paid for by private entities despite requirements to provide the details, the group’s complaint said. That includes a 2020 venture to Israel financially covered, the complaint says, by the 12 Tribe Films Foundation and a 2022 trip to Kentucky paid for by the right-wing Christian organization Answers in Genesis.

“These blatant omissions are clear violations of federal law and show a disregard for the Act’s important transparency goals that allow the public to know what groups have privately funded the Speaker’s travel,” End Citizens United added in their request for an investigation. They also expressed concerns about gaps in how Johnson has reported on his wife’s financial condition, which is also covered by financial disclosure requirements for members of Congress. Though he noted some income for his wife, he repeatedly obscured the original source with vague language, and he never reported any assets held by his wife despite her evident leadership of a long-running right-wing counseling organization.

And the now offline website for that organization said Johnson’s wife was available for speaking engagements, and the money from speaking engagements is also often subject to requirements for disclosure, but End Citizens United said the Louisiana Republican also appeared to leave any and all such income for his wife off his financial disclosure forms as well. Johnson has responded to questions about his finances by trying to characterize himself as financially relatable to everyday Americans, but he has an extensive background in law, and the idea he wasn’t reporting a bank account because he’s just that “relatable” doesn’t seem that credible. Read the complaint right here.