Attorney Says Trump Is Vulnerable To Huge Penalties For Lying About Ruby Freeman


Speaking with the former president’s own niece, Mary L. Trump, attorney Joe Gallina said that ex-commander-in-chief Donald Trump is vulnerable to defamation litigation from former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss for the lies he told about them. The mother and daughter were infamously made the subject of debunked conspiracy theories alleging systematic election fraud that, in reality, was never actually proven anywhere.

And they already successfully sued longtime Trump ally Rudy Giuliani for defamation, securing a judgment against him from a jury of $148 million. Presiding Judge Beryl Howell also agreed to speed up the process of allowing the pair to bring forth the judgment against Giuliani in other judicial jurisdictions in hopes of securing some restitution in locales where Giuliani actually holds assets. Freeman and Moss’s team already mentioned Giuliani’s Florida condo, which was the subject of a reported tax lien originating with federal authorities — though Giuliani has also now filed for bankruptcy, claiming massive debts.

“Seeing this evidence, I believe Donald Trump could 100% be sued by Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss for defamation—and they could win. Further, I think Donald Trump faces more serious legal trouble,” Gallina said. He also noted how some of Trump’s rhetoric against them has come after he left office, eliminating the clear possibility for even trying to claim presidential immunity, meaning legal protections by virtue of his time in office that should stop the case.

“The January Truth Social post you found – in which Trump claimed Ruby’s group was ‘stuffing’ ballots – was posted after he left office – January of this year. For those comments, Trump has no immunity defense. They could come back to bite him,” Gallina told Trump’s niece. The older Trump also continues facing other serious civil litigation, including challenges from writer E. Jean Carroll and other litigation tracing to police officers affected by the January 6 violence seeking to hold him civilly liable. Find Mary Trump’s article here.