Husband & Wife Both Get Prison Time After Joining Jan. 6/Capitol Riot Savagery


A couple from Indiana were sentenced this week to prison after admitting to felony criminal offenses for participating in the Capitol attack of early 2021 spurred by lies tracing to Donald Trump of a stolen election.

Defendants Arthur Reyher and Jessica Reyher both admitted late last year to obstruction of law enforcement during a civil disorder, about eight months after they reportedly were first arrested. Arthur received eight months in prison, while Jessica got a sentence of 90 days, and each were given a three-year stint of supervised release to follow their detention.  Authorities say the duo repeatedly joined violence in and around the Capitol’s Lower West Terrace tunnel, a structure associated with construction at the complex for the then-upcoming presidential inauguration putting Joe Biden in office.

Arthur and/or Jessica reportedly lingered amid the violence there for some 30 minutes, participating in rioters’ efforts inside the tunnel to force their way through police lines with their collective body weight by rhythmically rocking back and forth. Eventually, they were in the crowd opposite D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Officer Daniel Hodges as he was crushed between a shield and a door frame amid rioters’ push.

Those developments were infamously captured on video, and Hodges has been outspoken regarding his experiences. Arthur and Jessica were in the tunnel for reportedly the third time in rapid succession when they lent their collective body weight to what left Hodges physically impacted so starkly. “As the Reyhers thrust their collective body weight into the police line, one officer could be heard screaming in agonizing pain as they were smashed between a shield and a metal door frame,” a federal press release says, referencing details of Hodges’ experiences.

Their sentences are significantly below consequences given to others in the tunnel around the same time. Rioter Steven Cappuccio, who was directly attacking Hodges while the surrounding push was unfolding, was sentenced to seven years in prison.