Ex-FBI Official Exposes Trump As A Fraud Amid Claims That He Stands With Law Enforcement


Frank Figliuzzi, a former official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), derided this week the idea that ex-President Donald Trump is a substantive supporter of the nation’s law enforcement officers.

Figliuzzi was responding to Trump’s attendance at a wake in New York for an officer with New York City’s police department who was killed in the line of duty. Trump wheeled out familiar complaints about purported problems with crime around his participation in the memorials, although Trump himself has a history of aligning himself with figures who are, in truth, violent criminals, no matter any attempts to gloss over the reality here.

“Don’t for a second believe Trump supports law enforcement. Ask him about the 100 officers injured on Jan 6. Ask why he wasn’t at the funerals of Capitol cops,” Figliuzzi wrote on X, the social platform formerly called Twitter.

Previously, Sandra Garza — the longtime romantic partner of an officer named Brian Sicknick who died soon after participating in the defense of the Capitol against rioting Trump supporters — has spoken about a lack of outreach from Trump, who she then sued, accusing him of legal responsibility behind Sicknick’s death, although that lawsuit was somewhat pared down by subsequent court decisions.

Besides Trump’s seemingly dismissive attitude towards the large numbers of police officers directly impacted by the violence of January 2021 at the U.S. Capitol, where supporters of his effectively rallied behind his lies about the 2020 election, Trump has also actively uplifted defendants with criminal allegations originating in the day. Repeatedly making no distinction between defendants accused of violence and those with less serious charges, he has proposed pardons and pledged to prioritize the release from custody of such individuals if re-elected to the presidency this year.

These statements from Trump clearly set up the possibility of a political culture more accepting of violence as he gives cover for bad actors or hoodwinks the gullible into action.