Trump Ally Claims That Donald Got HUGE Crowd With Photo Not Even From The U.S.


Amid discussions about turnout at a Trump rally held this weekend in Wildwood, New Jersey, Roger Stone — known as an ally to the ex-president — chimed in.

“Yeah, New Jersey is in play for @realDonaldTrump,” Stone insisted alongside an image of an extensive crowd. “Could Joe Biden draw a crowd like this?”

It appears that the image in Stone’s post originates outside of the United States entirely, coming instead from a 1990s concert held in Brazil.

“Not only do Republicans lie incessantly; they do it really badly,” remarked X (Twitter) user Janet Johnson. Other replies to Stone’s rally claims were similar, and his post got an addendum from Community Notes, which is a program on that social media platform that allows fellow users to add clarifying information on posts like this. “This is a photo from a Rod Stewart concert almost 30 years ago,” said the note, linking to some supporting documentation.

As for New Jersey, Democratic presidential candidates won the state in general elections going all the way back to the early 1990s, with no break. Though Trump does lead in some polling conducted at the national level, his leads generally aren’t particularly large, suggesting that this year’s outcome will be close. And that’s before even getting to the polling that shows leads (both nationally and in some closely watched states) for Joe Biden, a result that could easily keep showing up ahead of November’s election, no matter the sometimes lagging attention on that side of polling combined with Trump’s characteristic assertions that he’s doing amazing.