Trump Ridiculed For Referring To Former President Jimmy Carter By The Wrong Name


At a widely discussed Trump rally recently held in New Jersey, the ex-president-turned-criminal defendant who is currently seeking another four years in the White House referred to former President Jimmy Carter as “Jimmy Connors,” drawing attention to already looming questions from some about Trump’s aptitude.

“Not one more goddamn word about Biden’s age. Not one. goddamn. word,” remarked prominent X (Twitter) user Holly Figueroa O’Reilly.

At the rally, Trump was trying to reference Carter as part of a convoluted diatribe against current President Joe Biden, who Trump’s expected to face in the general election later this year. In short, Trump invoked past complaints about Carter’s time as president and characterized Biden as supposedly even worse.

Responding to the same clip, author and fellow X user T.J. Stiles pointed to a series of constructive developments with Biden serving: “Trump says he’ll save us from a record-setting number of months with unemployment under 4%, the stock market reaching record levels, sustained growth, biggest climate-change legislation ever, biggest infrastructure act ever, saving Ukraine, radically slowing the pandemic. Oh joy.”

Trump eventually corrected himself while speaking to his rally attendees, seeming to recollect a different publicly known figure who is, in fact, named Jimmy Connors: a prominent tennis player, though Connors is no longer active.

It really doesn’t look like the state of New Jersey is going to be substantially in play for the Trump campaign this year, considering the ex-president’s semi-stable but unimpressive showings in a lot of polling and the decades-long history of the New York-adjacent state going to Democrats in presidential elections. The Democratic Party has won the general election in the state every four years since the early 1990s when Bill Clinton won his first term.