Ex-Trump Aide Says Americans Need To See & Grasp That He’s Unfit For Office


Alyssa Farah Griffin — formerly a communications official in the Trump White House and now a co-host of “The View,” alongside other roles — spoke on that daytime talk show this week about the recent development of a debates schedule for President Joe Biden and ex-President Trump as they approach an expected rematch later this year.

The debates — apparently, there will be two of them — will follow a chaotic series of challenging public discussions between Trump and Biden the last time that the two faced each other in a general election. In that election cycle, one of the debates became infamous for an incessant series of interruptions from Trump, making significant portions of the candidates’ discussion unintelligible.

“I think it’s critical that they do have these roadblocks in place. Cutting off the mics is the most important or it can just descend into absolute chaos. And I’d remind folks, I’ve been for debates always. I understand he’s ridiculously unfit for office. But this is for the Americans, whether we understand it or not, who are not — who are undecided still. They need to see it. They need to hear it,” Griffin said.

Previously, Trump made a show of insisting that he was prepared to debate the incumbent at basically any juncture. The newly formalized debate schedule, though, was spurred largely by the Biden campaign, coming after it delineated its stance on the matter leading into invitations from major news networks including CNN. “To Biden’s team, the move to lay out its debate proposals seized back control of a narrative that he was unwilling or unable to square off against Trump,” said that very network in a rundown.

Trump, meanwhile, was returning to court this week for further proceedings in his New York City criminal trial on charges of having falsified business records. None of the ex-president’s dozens of charges have significantly shaken off his wide-reaching Republican support.