Trump Seems To Brazenly Violate His Gag Order As Defense Spirals At Criminal Trial


It looks like former President Donald Trump may have just brazenly violated an active gag order from presiding Judge Juan Merchan — known in local legal parlance as a Justice — with a Thursday morning rant ahead of further trial proceedings in his New York City case.

Trump’s gag order strictly bars him from publicly commenting on an array of individuals, including line prosecutors involved in the case (meaning figures other than lead prosecutor Alvin Bragg, who doubles as a political figure considering he’s elected by voters). And yet, Trump went after lawyer Matthew Colangelo — also the subject of recent outrage from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) — Thursday.

One recounting came from CNN journalist Kaitlan Collins. “Trump goes after prosecutor Matthew Colangelo, without naming him. “A lead person from the Department of Justice is running the trial, so Biden’s office is running the trial.” Trump is barred from attacking prosecutors — with the exception of Alvin Bragg — in the gag order,” said Collins’ post.

Trump was already threatened with possibilities of jail-time if he again violated the gag order. He was already found in contempt a full ten times in that context, though nine of them were at once, while the tenth stemmed from a hearing already set in motion before some of the judge’s earlier threats of jail-time. But now, this Thursday commentary is coming entirely after the looming threat of detention has been established, so what next?

There was actually already another area of serious concern related to the gag order, as some of the Trump supporters recently showing up to add their presence to Trump’s daily courthouse entourage have gone after targets covered by the order, like (seemingly) the trial’s jury. And if Trump is found to have meaningfully directed these comments, that could constitute another violation. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) already admitted a specific intention of getting around the order.