Trump’s Legal Defense Deteriorates Before Jurors As Donald’s NY Trial Marches On


Todd Blanche, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump amid the latter’s ongoing criminal trial in New York City on allegations of falsifying business records, was receiving poor reviews early Thursday amid further questioning of Michael Cohen on the witness stand.

Cohen had been on the stand for a while already, although proceedings went on a scheduled break on Wednesday. He is a former ally to Trump who was closely involved in some of what progressed into this criminal case: the distribution of hush money to a woman named Stormy Daniels before the 2016 presidential election targeting an allegation that she had a sexual encounter with Trump in years past before Trump later became the president. Daniels herself already also testified, constituting the backdrop for a pair of failed pushes from the Trump team for the judge to declare a mistrial.

Blanche started off on Thursday by seemingly trying to depict Cohen as essentially invested in Trump getting indicted, with an angle of attacking his credibility.

“Notes from 100 Centre St: Blanche opening gambit is truly idiotic about Cohen complaining about why he had not been told by the DA about the sealed indictment before the NYT learned of it. So what? – terrible way to open cross after a shaky performance the first day,” wrote former federal prosecutor and current legal analyst Andrew Weissmann on X (Twitter).

The earlier developments that Weissmann was referencing involved Blanche starting off questioning on Tuesday with a focus on alleged animosity from Cohen towards… Blanche, rather than the defendant, meaning Trump. The judge sustained an objection from the prosecution and admonished Blanche to focus somewhere other than the defendant’s defense lawyers, though the latter was in a sidebar discussion, meaning a talk with the judge that is generally out of the earshot of, particularly, the jury.