Expert Accuses Clarence Thomas & Samuel Alito Of Purposely Delaying Trump’s Jan. 6 Trial


Well, reports made the shocking revelation this week that the residence of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito displayed imagery associated with the “Stop the Steal” movement in January 2021, following the U.S. Capitol riot that month.

Specifically, it was an American flag displayed upside down, which showed up even at that very riot as participants in the mob attack moved forward. Alito tried blaming his wife, but predictably, the demands for his resignation started arriving quickly.

“Alito should resign in disgrace. Impeachment should very much be on the table. And he cannot under federal recusal law take part in any of the Trump or January 6 cases. We need Senate Judiciary Committee hearings immediately,” said Alex Aronson, formerly with the Justice Department.

Mark Jacob, formerly an editor at the Chicago Tribune, raised the prospect that Alito and fellow arch-conservative on the U.S. Supreme Court Clarence Thomas were intentionally shaping the court’s action to benefit Trump.

Specifically, Jacob was referring to the nation’s highest court having — eventually — controversially agreed to hear appeals from Trump claiming that he holds wide-ranging legal protections by mere virtue of once being president that supposedly should shut down a key criminal case that he is facing. The trial on the underlying charges, which concern Trump’s post-2020 election targeting of its outcome, can’t happen while Trump’s claims remain active.

“Samuel Alito should resign. At the very least he should recuse himself from all cases involving the 2020 election, including the current Trump immunity case. Is there any doubt he and Thomas have stalled Trump’s Jan. 6 trial for political reasons?” Jacob asked. It’s a possibility that’s been raised before, including by law professor Leah Litman during a recent appearance on MSNBC. Pushing things all the way past the 2024 presidential election could eventually cut it off entirely if Trump wins the race.