Trump Asks What He’s Even Done To Threaten Democracy & Gets QUICKLY Reminded


“They like to say I’m a threat to democracy. What the hell have I done?” former President Donald Trump asked in a speech this weekend to a gathering of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

He was quickly reminded, including with a post on X (aka Twitter) from a rapid response team that is part of the Biden re-election campaign that shared a video montage of the violence in Washington, D.C., of January 6, 2021. The obvious implication was holding Trump responsible for the events.

The reaction was consistent.

“All Trump did was refuse to participate in a peaceful transfer of power when he lost the last election and instructed his cult to overtake the capital to stop the certification and send the votes “back to the states” which isn’t a thing because he couldn’t handle losing. That’s all,” said one of the top replies to a post from that Biden team sharing Trump’s comments.

Another just spotlighted an image of part of the assault on the Capitol in early 2021, in connection to which criminal proceedings — including sentencings — are continuing.

Troublingly, Trump also seemingly suggested running for a third term as president, something he’s discussed before. Actually trying to do so would go directly against foundational provisions of the U.S. Constitution related to the presidency.

Trump, meanwhile, is still pushing the idea that as a former president he should be legally protected from even the possibility of criminal consequences for actions he took amid his official duties while in office. Appeals amid a federal criminal case where he’s making these claims already reached the U.S. Supreme Court, which heard in-person arguments and where an actual decision remains forthcoming, for now.