Trump Company’s Stock Starts The Day By TANKING After Terrible Financial Report


The stock price for the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), which is the Trump-branded company behind the social media platform Truth Social, was starting Tuesday with a sharp decline after a dismal financial report came out the previous afternoon.

Apparently, the company’s net losses in the first financial quarter of this year flew past a whopping $327 million. And within about 45 minutes of stock trading starting on Tuesday, the share price was down at a level quickly passing eight percent, putting the decline over the preceding five days near 18 percent. And the pattern of the drop on Tuesday was sharp and consistent, comprised mostly of straight, downward movement, suggesting significant sell-offs.

Actual usage of Truth Social still apparently lags massively behind the usage at mainstream sites like X, formerly known as Twitter, which Trump’s site visually mirrors. Trump himself regularly uses Truth Social in a manner like how he used to utilize what was then Twitter, but a sweeping exodus from that variety of conventional social media platform just hasn’t happened.

Trump himself holds a massive portion of the shares in the company behind Truth Social, but he’s apparently under restrictions from actually selling off those holdings for months, making him just a spectator to the sometimes dramatic fluctuations in price. Investing in the operation has at times proven popular among Trump’s political supporters, though that has proceeded in two main stages. For a while, the only option for investment in the public trading context was a blank check company planning a long delayed merger with Trump’s media firm. That merger was only finalized in March, bringing the Trump operation public… to highly volatile stock prices.