Trump Was Utterly Flipping Out In The Middle Of The Night Before Trial Continued


Just after midnight Tuesday on the East Coast, former President Donald Trump took to his personal account on Truth Social (his knock-off social media site) to push for a dismissal of the criminal case that he is currently facing in New York City. It didn’t work, with trial proceedings instead moving forward as expected hours later.

“Judge Juan Merchan, who has thus far been the exact Conflicted Democrat Operative his Comrades expected, has a chance to take a real step toward rehabilitating both his Reputation and the Justice System of New York by dismissing the Biden Election Interference Witch Hunt brought by Soros funded D.A. Alvin Bragg,” Trump posted, adding: “It would be a Big, Bold, Beautiful, but Highly Unexpected, yet BRILLIANT, step toward Justice in New York, and our Nation as a whole!”

It’s always lacked credibility, and it still does now, for the former president to characterize duly proceeding legal developments ensnaring him as somehow indicative of a meaningful threat to the administration of justice across the entire United States. In reality, all of the charges that he has faced are hinged not on political considerations or a failure to explain the alleged crimes at all. Instead, these grand jury-approved indictments are detailed and specific, relating to real-world actions that in some cases (like the federal proceedings against Trump in particular) Trump admits to actually doing! (He acknowledges harboring government documents, just claiming that was fine.)

Though Trump has tried desperately to draw a parallel, none of this is remotely the kind of farce of a legal case that one might see in an authoritarian nation like Russia under the control of Vladimir Putin. And, as for a specific allegation that Trump also likes to make, there’s no real-world evidence for President Joe Biden secretly pulling the strings.