Federal Appeals Court Rejects Trump Ally Peter Navarro’s Plea As He Keeps Sitting In Jail


Trump goon Peter Navarro, who held an advisory role in Trump’s presidential administration and then supported the Trump corner’s targeting of the 2020 presidential election as Biden’s win was solidified, has lost again. He’s currently in prison after a conviction for contempt of Congress over defiance of the House committee that investigated the Capitol riot and circumstances surrounding that day’s events.

Specifically, Navarro was pushing for reconsideration of his current case by the full federal court of appeals in Washington, D.C. He’d already been heard by a three-judge panel on that court, and he’d also pushed for intervention from the higher-level U.S. Supreme Court, failing there. And here, he failed again. The full appeals court’s rejection of a dispute that seemingly would have involved him staying in prison or not was short, simply recounting the outcome.

“Upon consideration of appellant’s petition for rehearing en banc, and the absence of a request by any member of the court for a vote, it is ORDERED that the petition be denied,” the decision said. Presumably, the “vote” would’ve entailed tallying stances from the court’s various judges on whether to move forward with Navarro’s appeal, and apparently, none of the judges even went that far to try testing the waters. One judge, who formerly held their own role in the Trump White House, recused themselves.

Fellow Trump ally Steve Bannon might be on his own way to prison after an appeals court upheld his conviction on similar grounds after he defied the same committee, and prosecutors subsequently asked that the delay that Bannon managed to obtain of his prison sentence be lifted, meaning he’d be sent to serve his time.