Ex-Prosecutor Argues Judge Cannon Is Flouting Justice By Delaying Trump’s Docs Trial


In a new post on X (formerly called Twitter), former federal prosecutor and current legal expert Andrew Weissmann called out targets including the U.S. Supreme Court and federal Judge Aileen Cannon amid significant delays on multiple judicial fronts.

That list includes the Trump appeal in which he is claiming to hold wide-ranging protections by mere virtue of his time in office that supposedly should stop a key criminal case he is facing and the ex-president’s separate case alleging the mishandling of classified documents. Cannon, a Trump nominee handling the second matter, indefinitely delayed Trump’s trial. And the nation’s highest court already heard in-person arguments on Trump’s claims of immunity, but there’s still no ruling, which keeps trial in that other matter — concerning Trump actions after the 2020 presidential election — up in the air.

“JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED: 1- McConnell delaying vote on Garland and thus pocket-vetoing a Democratic appointment. to the S Ct; 2- Cannon not scheduling the Trump MAL criminal case for trial; 3-S Ct staying the Trump DC insurrection case,” Weissmann argued. The final point from the ex-prosecutor, covering the Trump immunity claims, hearkens also to the intense criticism faced by the nation’s highest court for agreeing to hear further arguments on Trump’s contentions at all despite the consistent record of failure for the immunity idea at lower levels of the federal judiciary.

Now, there are more questions around Cannon, with a new push from Special Counsel Jack Smith in the documents case for restrictions on Trump’s public comments after the spread of what was widely decried as extreme deception by the Trump campaign. Specifically, that’s the claim that federal authorities were angling to assassinate Trump around the time of a federal raid of a Trump property amid this very investigation. If Cannon declines to impose the protective measures, some are expecting that the matter could quickly progress to prosecutors seeking her removal from the case by higher-level judicial authorities.