Jack Smith Could Soon Seek Judge Cannon’s Ouster From Trump’s Docs Case, Leading Figure Says


In a discussion on CNN with the news network’s Kaitlan Collins, conservative lawyer George Conway — a prominent figure known for opposition to Donald Trump — suggested that an attempt at removing Judge Aileen Cannon from Trump’s classified documents case could be around the rhetorical bend.

Conway was speaking in the context of a new push from Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is responsible for that Trump criminal case, for fresh limits on public comments from former President Donald Trump. The Trump campaign recently pushed the idea — widely decried as grossly deceptive — that federal authorities were angling to assassinate the ex-president around the time of a widely publicized search of Trump’s Florida property Mar-a-Lago amid what became this very case. The false idea stems from a routine allowance for the use of deadly force under certain circumstances in the lead-up to the property’s judicially authorized search.

“And if she does not do something about this, I think the Special Counsel may use this as the opportunity, to try to get the Eleventh Circuit to get rid of her. So, she’s really on the spot here,” Conway said, subsequently adding per the transcripts: “This is just completely outrageous. I mean, it is really an attempt to incite violence, against government agents, based on the complete pathological lie, and […] just absolutely obscene misreading of a standard document that limits the use of force. It’s absolutely — the notion that so many people had to participate to send this email, and are beholden to Trump, and are doing these things, just shows you the level of just moral depravity, that Trump emanates and that surrounds him.”

The idea even reached the halls of Congress, where infamous Trump ally Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is insisting that federal authorities (she’s named Attorney General Merrick Garland) were intent on securing the ex-president’s death. To be clear again, there’s no real-world evidence proving this.