Judge Cannon Has Severely Undercut Her Own Standing, Expert Argues Amid Trump Case


With Special Counsel Jack Smith seeking new restrictions on public comments from former President Donald Trump amid his federal criminal case on classified records charges, conservative lawyer George Conway — a prominent figure — is condemning Judge Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over Trump’s case and responsible initially for handling Smith’s request.

“This woman has absolutely completely shown an absolute bias against the government,” Conway argued on air, per transcripts. “From day one, in multiple ways, she’s dragging her feet on this case. And if she does not do something about this, I think the Special Counsel may use this as the opportunity, to try to get the Eleventh Circuit to get rid of her. So, she’s really on the spot here.”

All of this comes against the backdrop of deception recently propagated by the Trump campaign claiming that federal authorities were angling to assassinate Trump around the time of a federal search of his Florida property Mar-a-Lago in 2022 amid what became this case. Those carrying out the search were given a routine allowance for the use of deadly force, which prominent figures on the Right have incorrectly taken to show some kind of specific plot against the ex-president. In reality, details indicate that it was standard. But there are concerns now that the spread of the lie might set up real-world violence on the foundation of imagined defense against a threat that is not actually real.

As for Cannon personally, she also already faced extensive criticism for indefinitely delaying Trump’s trial in the classified records matter. If such proceedings are pushed to after this year’s presidential election and Trump wins that face-off, it could result in putting Trump’s proceedings yet to arrive at trial on ice for who knows how long.