Ex-GOP Congressman Argues That Trump Is ‘Utterly Un-American’ & A National Danger


Ex-GOP Congressman Joe Walsh sharply condemned former President Donald Trump this weekend on MSNBC as the latter continues his latest run for the White House, which saw Trump try taking the stage on Saturday at the Libertarian National Convention to boos and jeers that continued throughout his address.

“He’s utterly un-American, and this Memorial Day weekend, he’s the antithesis of who we remember this weekend,” Walsh said. “But Michael, here’s the danger. Trump is an un-American, lawless psychopath. But this race is close. In 2020, Donald Trump started saying months before the election: either I win, or it’ll be stolen. He did that to incite violence. He wanted January 6.”

And Walsh also noted that it’s recently become a trend for prominent Republicans to refuse to unequivocally commit to accepting the results of the presidential election this year no matter who wins — which, of course, is the same kind of stance that predicated the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol in early 2021. Trump, for his part, remains committed to the debunked idea that there was extensive fraud in the 2020 presidential race, and he proposes pardons and other legal help for Capitol riot defendants in the event that he wins this year, an idea that he reiterated during his ill-fated speech to the Libertarians.

Trump’s speech went so poorly that he eventually started insulting his listeners, derisively referring to the Libertarian Party’s record in presidential elections, in which their candidates tend to finish with single-digit shares of the national popular vote and no electoral votes. “Maybe you don’t wanna win,” Trump complained as the crowd’s incessant boos just kept going. “Maybe you don’t wanna win.… Keep getting your three percent every four years.” He was later “practically booed off stage,” as the Biden campaign recapped, sharing a clip of Trump exiting the spotlight to the crowd booing again, though isolated cheers seemed audible.