Trump Tries To Give A Campaign Speech & Gets ‘Practically Booed Off Stage’


Tough times for the former president!

Donald Trump, who is currently the presumptive presidential nominee from the Republican Party for this year’s elections, tried giving a speech this weekend to the Libertarian National Convention, an event of the Libertarian Party, a political organization that generally leads the pack of political parties outside the central two (Republicans and Democrats) but still ends up way behind in presidential races. It sounded like many in the crowd at the Libertarian gathering despised Trump, who was “practically booed off stage” at the close of his address, as the Biden campaign put it.

And though that’s obviously a partisan source, that’s essentially exactly what happens in a clip they included. It does sound like there was a bit of cheering, but arguably leading the crowd’s response was a tidal wave of aggressive boos from attendees.

In theory, votes from Libertarian-aligned voters could help swing the election one way or the other, so Trump’s flop could represent a significant missed opportunity for his latest bid for the White House. The presence of a Libertarian candidate in a Georgia Senate race in 2022 helped keep any candidate from passing 50 percent of the vote when the ballots were tallied, forcing it to a runoff — where Democratic contender Jon Ossoff passed Republican incumbent David Perdue with just the two of them left in the contest, sending Ossoff to a Senate term that he is currently serving.

Elsewhere in the presidential race, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — a nephew of the former president who shares his last name — is running as an independent, but electoral precedent suggests any impacts from his campaign will stay at the level of a spoiler, since there is no ultra-recent record of a candidate outside the major parties getting large shares of the vote come November’s elections.