Trump’s Latest Campaign Speech Goes Off The Rails As Protester Hollers Out To ‘Lock Him Up!’


Donald Trump, currently the presumptive GOP nominee for president ahead of this year’s elections, tried to give a speech this weekend to the Libertarian National Convention. From a public relations standpoint, it went extremely poorly.

Throughout the reportedly 30-minute address, Trump was confronted by aggressive boos and shouted jeers like “Lock him up!” NBC reported. At one point, seemingly frustrated by the hostility, Trump turned to insulting his listeners with a derisive reference to the Libertarian Party’s record in presidential elections. The party’s candidates have tended to finish with single-digit shares of the national popular vote and no electoral votes. “Maybe you don’t wanna win,” Trump complained as the crowd’s boos continued. “Maybe you don’t wanna win.… Keep getting your three percent every four years.”

The tension mirrors what’s been seen outside his unfolding criminal trial in New York City, which is nearing its end, with closing arguments scheduled for Tuesday. Repeatedly, when groups of the ex-president’s supporters have attempted to conduct something of a press conference, they’ve been confronted by aggressive protests. A particularly memorable display saw a banner deeming the group “bootlickers” hung on a fence behind them, and at times, video and reports from the scene have indicated it’s been difficult to hear the given group’s remarks.

Trump, meanwhile, is heading towards a series of debates with incumbent President Joe Biden that the campaigns already agreed would involve only the two major parties’ candidates. The debates were put together outside the auspices of the traditionally used Commission on Presidential Debates, and besides the evident exclusion of third-party candidates like whoever Libertarians nominate, independent Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — a nephew of the former president with his same last name — is also out, spurring predictable frustrations from his team.