Legal Figure Argues That Samuel Alito Is Clearly ‘Complicit’ After Latest Flag-Flying Scandal Emerges


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, known as an arch-conservative, has been ensnared by two media revelations of a startling flag on display at a residence associated with him: the first, an upside down American flag at his Virginia residence and the second, an “Appeal to Heaven” flag that showed up outside an Alito beach house situated in New Jersey.

Though both flags have roots elsewhere, both pieces of imagery were also associated with the Capitol riot in early 2021 in which supporters of then-President Donald Trump violently descended on that complex, endangering law enforcement, elected officials, Capitol staff, and others.

Former federal prosecutor Joyce White Vance, now a frequent legal commentator, argues that the repeating story indicates Alito is “complicit,” though he at first tried to credit his wife for the display after the first account, which revealed the upside down American flag outside the Alito residence mere weeks after the Capitol attack. The judge blamed that flag showing up at all on a dispute with a neighbor.

“One flag might be “just” a serious error in judgment. Two is a trend & the Justice is complicit. No other read. After the first, he would have told the whole family no repeat could ever happen, if he believed in judicial ethics. & if he doesn’t, what’s he doing on the bench?” Vance asked Sunday on social media.

The nation’s highest court, where Alito is one of nine members, was already tasked with deciding a series of highly impactful matters directly related to the events of January 6, 2021, and circumstances leading up to it. That includes the currently pending appeal in which Trump claims that he holds wide-ranging legal protections by mere virtue of once serving as president that supposedly should shut down a criminal case he’s facing related to his post-2020 election actions.