Trump Gets TINY Share Of Votes In Libertarians’ Nominating Contest After Disastrous Speech


In the first round of voting by delegates to the Libertarian Party’s latest national convention on the question of who the political party would pick for president, Donald Trump — who made a chaotic pitch to the party at this very event — got just six votes. All Trump’s votes were write-ins. There were about 900 votes cast in total in that round.

Libertarians ended up nominating a candidate named Chase Oliver, who formerly ran for Senate in Georgia.

Trump’s speech to the convention faced extensive boos and jeers that continued to its end, when he was “practically booed off stage,” as the Biden campaign recapped on social media. Another report said Trump was at one point confronted by a shout of “Lock him up!” The presumptive presidential nominee from Republicans for this year’s election seemed clearly frustrated by the hostile reception, which defied the avid attempt at buoying his image from figures like Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), a relatively established Republican aligned with the Libertarians.

From the stage, Trump eventually began insulting the Libertarian record in presidential elections. Their candidate has recently tended to finish with single-digit shares of the national popular vote and no electoral votes.

“Maybe you don’t wanna win,” Trump complained as the crowd’s boos continued. “Maybe you don’t wanna win.… Keep getting your three percent every four years.” There were cheers seemingly audible as well, but the hostility sounded like the dominant reaction. Deriding the very people whose support you’re ostensibly trying to secure in a high-stakes race for president doesn’t exactly seem like the most reliable course of action here for Trump.