Trump Was Publicly Losing It Near Midnight As His Trial’s Closing Arguments Approach


Donald Trump’s ongoing criminal trial in New York City on allegations of falsifying business records in connection to hush money from before the 2016 presidential election is nearing its end, with closing arguments scheduled for Tuesday — and the former president’s public complaints are back.

Just before midnight on what was then still Sunday, Trump complained on Truth Social (his alternative social media platform) about what sounded like the judge’s intentions for instructions to the jury as they decide the Trump verdict.

“The reason the Radical, highly Conflicted Judge Juan Merchan had to come up with three FAKE options for the jury to choose from, without requiring them to be unanimous, which is completely UNAMERICAN AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL, is because the Corrupt, Soros backed D.A., Alvin Bragg, couldn’t come close to proving that any crime was committed. THERE WAS NO CRIME. Legal Expense paid to a lawyer was marked, by a bookkeeper using a dropdown menu in a computer program, as Legal Expense paid to a lawyer. WHAT ELSE COULD YOU CALL IT?” Trump said, in part.

The case against Trump alleges that he falsified business records and effectively concealed the true nature of repayments to former ally Michael Cohen after the latter provided that hush money, which went to a woman named Stormy Daniels.

Notably, one stage of the Trump defense team’s own arguments appeared to undercut the claim, repeated by Trump here, that the money for Cohen just covered legal expenses. In fact, Cohen admitted on the witness stand under questioning from Trump’s team to covertly pocketing tens of thousands of dollars that he received as part of the whole arrangement. If there was an opening for Cohen to effectively steal some of the money that he was provided, that would seem to lean towards the funds being, in fact, reimbursements rather than merely routine payments.