A Majority Of Independents Say That Trump Should Shut Down His Campaign For President


In another round of polling, substantial numbers of Americans say that former President Donald Trump should end his current campaign for president, amid which he’s Republicans’ presumptive presidential nominee for the year, after a jury in New York City found him guilty in recent days at his high-profile criminal trial.

The trial covered felony allegations of falsifying business records in connection to hush money from before the 2016 election for president, and Trump was found guilty on all counts.

According to the new polling, which was conducted by Ipsos in collaboration with ABC News, 52 percent of independents say that Trump should end his campaign in the verdict’s wake, along with a predictably large majority of Democrats and 49 percent of Americans in general. Notably, even 16 percent of Republicans argued Trump should end his campaign. While hardly enough to topple Trump as he cruises to an expected presidential nomination from the party this year, it could spell trouble for the Trump campaign in the general election, when precedent and the latest polling suggest the race could be close, potentially increasing the impact of comparatively small groups switching sides.

Trump, for now, remains characteristically at odds with the justice system, as he and allies of his insist that the consequential processes he faced were driven by politics. And the claims get extreme, with comparisons of the proceedings to Communism, among other points of reference.

The Trump camp is also running with the conspiracy theory of covert involvement in the proceedings by President Joe Biden and his political team, though there is no specific evidence putting any responsibility for the developments with such individuals. The office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is firmly outside the federal Department of Justice, in terms of regular operations.