NYC Authorities Moving To Cancel Trump’s Firearm-Carrying License After Conviction


As a consequence of former President Donald Trump’s recent conviction on all counts in a felony criminal case in New York accusing him of the falsification of business records, the New York Police Department was reportedly looking to unravel Trump’s previously issued concealed carry license he held in the area. Concealed carry refers to carrying a firearm in a manner that it’s not externally visible to a passerby.

Reportedly, Trump previously possessed three handguns, two of which were already passed off to authorities after the indictment that preceded the conviction issued just recently. (Reported details on all of this originate with The New York Times.) Individuals convicted of felony offenses are apparently barred from the possession of a firearm in both New York and Florida — the latter state somewhere Trump’s spent a lot of time since leaving office.

The story was highlighted by MSNBC opinion host Lawrence O’Donnell, who questioned why Trump would even need to carry a firearm at all.

Tristan Snell, who formerly worked in the New York state attorney general’s office, drew attention to a remaining firearm from Trump’s reported collection, the status of which was unclear. Though there are Republicans seemingly aligned with Trump currently at the legislative and executive helms in Florida, that doesn’t change the laws on the books.

“Does Trump have an illegal gun at Mar-a-Lago? Trump had a concealed carry license for 3 guns. NYPD revoked the licenses last year when Trump was indicted. Trump was allowed to move 1 gun to Florida. Under Florida law, as a convicted felon, Trump can no longer own a gun there,” Snell said Thursday on social media.

Trump, meanwhile, is also heading towards a sentencing evidently set for next month — just days before Republicans remain on track to formally nominate him for president for this year’s election, no matter his recent conviction. The precise nature of his penalties — and whether he’ll get jail-time — remain unclear at present.