Trump Rally Attendees Get Taken To The Hospital Amid Dangerous Conditions


Reportedly, 11 people were hospitalized amid a wave of heat exhaustion among individuals attempting to attend a Trump event held in Arizona on Thursday.

“Phoenix Fire officials tell ABC15 they responded to Dream City Church in north Phoenix and transported 11 people after reports of heat exhaustion,” according to that local news outlet, which also shared video footage taken at the scene.

Though the area is heavily Democratic, Trump also recently visited the San Francisco area in California for a fundraiser. A recent report from Fox News claimed that the Trump camp swept up $12 million in financial support from the event, which was held at a residence of venture capitalist David Sacks. Sacks is known for, among other things, ardent opposition to the current war in Ukraine launched by Russian military aggression — opposition that Sacks orients towards Ukrainian authorities and their supporters.

The apparent idea from that political corner is that prolonging the conflict with a continued attempt to fight back against Russian military onslaughts is strictly negative and destructive, although precedent suggests that giving Russia control of Ukrainian territory — as a clearly possible ramification of effectively giving up on the war — would lead to absolutely devastating impacts for residents left there.

Sacks also peddles familiar Republican talking points. “Biden came into office promising a return to normalcy,” he wrote online. “What has he actually given us? A decelerating economy. A spike in inflation. A world on fire. Vindictive partisan witch hunts. Dems are going all in on lawfare because they’ve got nothing else to run on.” Americans have actually seen surprising (to some) boosts to gross domestic product — a key metric of an economy’s growth, and rates of inflation have been slowing down for a while now, per federal government numbers.