Trump ‘Remains An Extreme Danger To Witnesses & Jurors,’ Legal Expert Warns


Norm Eisen, who is associated with the think tank/policy organization the Brookings Institution and is a legal analyst at CNN, is arguing that former President Donald Trump’s behavior clearly warrants his gag order staying in place amid New York City criminal proceedings.

Trump was recently convicted on all counts in the felony case accusing him of the falsification of business records in connection to hush money from before the 2016 election, and following the conviction, Trump’s team wants that gag order lifted. Originating with the trial judge at the request of prosecutors, the order blocks public attacks from Trump on witnesses, jurors, and others. Trump was already threatened with possible jail-time in the event that he violated the judge’s order again.

He’s now heading towards a sentencing set for next month while his team characteristically looks towards appeal options.

“Trump remains an extreme danger to witnesses and jurors,” Eisen argued on X, the site formerly called Twitter. “The Manhattan gag order should remain in place[.] He’s been bad enough with it can you imagine what he would be like without it?”

Prosecutors themselves are also asking that the judge, Juan Merchan, leave the gag order intact. Its most recent expansion was to cover family members of the judge and others after Trump began publicly complaining about a daughter of the judge not involved in the case.

Alongside all of these developments, there has been a concern of jurors and others potentially facing threats and violence related to their work. There is real-world precedent of individuals who’ve ended up opposite Trump in some context facing such threats. The trend culminated in part in former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, who were named in debunked conspiracy theories of election fraud, getting $146 million in penalties imposed on Trump ally Rudy Giuliani in defamation proceedings in court.