Video Emerges Showing Attendees Streaming Out Of Trump’s Rally While He’s Still Talking


A video evidently from talk radio host Brian Shapiro shows what looks pretty clearly to be large numbers of people leaving former President Donald Trump’s recent rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, while he’s still talking.

Shapiro’s video is from a vantage point just outside an evident security checkpoint, with people — some with Trump gear — streaming out of the apparent entrance, away from crowds and structures in the background and as Trump’s speech is still audible. It’s actually a lot of people in the short clip, though it’s unclear precisely how many.

In a caption, Shapiro suggested that the locally high temperatures combined with the rally being outdoors was a key factor. Someone in the clip appeared to reply to him wondering out loud why everybody was heading out, citing work obligations.

The content of Trump’s speech was familiar. “The illegal immigrants are turning, and they’re turning at a level that nobody’s ever seen before,” Trump ranted. “They’re fighting our families. They’re totally destroying our Black population. They’re totally destroying our Hispanic population.” It’s unclear what precisely that’s even supposed to mean. There is no epidemic of undocumented immigrants to the United States targeting “families” in crime.

He also ranted about sharks, veering from what was apparently a criticism of modernizing boats to a complaint about individuals trying to explain the biological background for a shark attack. “By the way, a lot of shark attacks lately. Have you noticed that?” Trump asked the crowd in Nevada, where there are no oceanfronts, though some sharks utilize freshwater. “A lot of shark — I watched some guys justifying it today.” He called such individuals “crazy.”

Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden are heading towards a first debate this month. Trump was meeting with a probation officer this Monday ahead of sentencing next month in his New York criminal case.